Missed my Man

My husband has been gone for a week and I cannot tell you how lonely I have been. He’s gone away before and so have I, but never for this long. I knew I could handle two days, maybe three days but I wasn’t sure what would happen this time.

I think the hard thing for me was that I couldn’t hear his voice. It’s hard to go from seeing each other every morning, kissing each other good night every night – to not seeing or hearing each other for a week. At least I found a way to get productive with it.

I almost wish I took some before pictures of the apartment when James left. It was full of crap in all the wrong places. Sad to say, but we still had boxes left from when we moved in to the apartment six months ago. Nothing in those boxes was hugely needed, so they just stayed there, on the floor in the bedroom until one or the other of us decided to poke through and find out what was in there.

I decided to surprise my husband by redecorating, moving furniture and finally putting pictures in our picture frames. Anyone who has come to visit us (which isnt a lot of people) has commented on our lack of pictures. Everyone notices the blank spaces, or the standard pictures that come with the frames. James and I have taken many great pictures over the years, and there is really no reason that we couldn’t put them up! Well sort of – digital doesn’t get printed very often.

So in the living room I moved the couch all the chairs, put all the plants on a shelf in the corner where the sun will hopefully make them grow, I took my big old computer out of the room, brought the fish back in from the office and I rewired the satellite and internet so that the tv could be set up on a different wall. Moving into the bedroom I dug into our mountains of laundry – and did so much we can’t close most of our drawers and ran out of hangers in the closet; I moved the bed and both dressers and side tables. I went through all the boxes in the room and put away or picked out enough stuff that 8 entire boxes were removed from the room. Before you go thinking it – the boxes weren’t that big, but they were just awkward. Now I’ve got a box of things to donate which has been a very popular thing for James and I to do on a weekend. Sure, we could have a garage sale at some point and made money from our stuff – but to be honest, there’s more work involved and it doesn’t feel as nice as knowing that you are donating to a good cause.

Anyhow, I worked and worked and worked. Got cracking as soon as I got home from work, and stayed up as late as I possibly could so that James would have a nice surprise when he came home.

The funny part was that he ended up going downstairs before me. By the time I realized he was already downstairs – he had checked out the living room. I come down and he says “Somethings different” and then proceeds to laugh his head off.

It’s true that I went and put our apartment back to the same layout as when we first moved in but I worked really hard! James at least was happy about it and gave me big hugs as a way to thank me.

It was so good to know that he was happy with how things turned out – and that he did indeed miss me too. Sure he won’t admit it on the interweb – but I know!

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