Mmmm…. I love cookies!

Last year some friends and I started a tradition that I hope continues – a cookie exchange for the holidays. Everyone knows that the holidays are a time for people to get together, pop in unannounced and eat whatever you want. WE ALL KNOW THAT CALORIES DON’T COUNT IN DECEMBER.

Last year I chose to make my families age old traditional cookie – which really isn’t a Christmas cookie per se, but we always made them around the holiday time. My mother would end up making at least two runs of them, as my brother has a tendency to eat as many as humanly possible as soon as his eyes see them or his nose smells them.
Today I’ve decided to share with you, my blog readers, this delicious recipe so that you may try and enjoy some of my families tastiest goodness. Warning – if you don’t like the taste of coconut or chocolate, you may want to avoid this one.

In a pot combine:
6 tbsp. Cocoa
½ Cup milk
½ cup Margarine
2 cups Sugar

Bring to a boil
Add ingredients from the pot above to the ingredients listed below: (I mixed these ingredients first in a mixing bowl and mixed in the ingredients on top – but you can do whatever floats your boat)

1 tsp vanilladash salt
1 cup coconut
3 cups rolled oats

Drop by spoonful on an ungreased cookie sheet, however waxed paper also does the trick. Place in fridge to set.

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