Morphing credit Hedgehog

I’ve been trying to morph our photos together since my blog last week but now the computer is freezing any time that I’m on the screen. It’s driving me bonkers! I was finally able to upload all my pictures from my last computer so I have some photos to do it with! It’s so frustrating. Maybe I should try something other than

In other news, I went and paid off two credit cards this week. Well, in reality I went and reallocated the money into a lower interest credit line. That makes me really happy. I now only have to focus on the credit line and one other thing and I’m on my way to getting everything in check. I think I felt like I was drowning because I had money in different spots. This should make things easy.

James used a gift card he got for his birthday and got Super Smash Brothers. He’s really excited. The game apparently has all the Mario characters and even Sonic the Hedge Hog. He’s plugging it in – so I suppose I will have to call this short. It’s go time. Ready to kick some James ass!

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