My mom the spammer

My mother has turned into a spammer.

I know, I know, who would ever think that my mother, the sweet loving woman that she is would turn into a spammer. But the evidence is there every single day. Turn to my email account only to find at least 5 new emails. It’s gotten so bad, that I only check the email account once a week – rather than once a day like was my normal habit.

I have been told I love you in multiple ways – mostly through poems that someone else has written and my mother feels the need to pass on. I’ve been referred to as one of her sisters, and one of her best friends – as don’t you know, us sisters will stand by each other through thick and thin.

My favourite are the completely embarrassing jokes about penises that she has to forward on to give me a laugh. Again – did I mention that I only check my email once a week?

Today I logged on and had 27 new messages – 21 from Mom.

What’s nice is that I know by her forwarding these she wants to share with me that she’s been thinking of me. She knows that I love her and she wants to share a good joke or story with me. For that brief moment when she chooses to hit send, she’s telling me that she cares. In this day and age where we both get busy doing other things, it’s nice to know that she’s there.

Now if I could just get her to reply to my emails….

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