Obsessed with the Hills

So I have this bad little addiction. Somehow, someway, I became addicted to the Hills. I never even saw Season one and I just happened upon it one day while surfing through channels. Now I find myself doing trivia on facebook and getting upset when I get something wrong. I’m wishing to see it again and dying to know what’s next.

I know from the magazines that Heidi has left Spencer and that they aren’t getting married anymore. This makes me happy because lets face it girls – the guy is a Grade A Douchebag. I mean – just look at him. The vindictive look in his eye. The sneer on his face. I always thought Heidi was better than him. Not that she’s a saint or anything. She’s been a real ass to her friends and totally chose him over EVERYONE ELSE. I know that I’ve had moments where I’ve neglected my friends but I would NEVER EVER start rumors about them making a sex tape!

So anyhow – Heidi and Spencer aside, I really like Lauren Conrad. She’s quiet sometimes and introspective but she’s so darn pretty. Now normally I’m not checking out the chicks but she’s really cute. She’s got this look about her that seems like she is such a nice person, a fun person and just a darn beautiful person. Just look at this picture. Isn’t she hot?

I really liked when Lauren was with Brody but he’s so caught up in having fun. I mean – who can blame him. He’s hot. Totally freaking hot. Him and Lauren were just so perfect together – and that’s the problem. A guy his age doesn’t want to settle down. He wants to party and have fun and flirt. If only I were a little smaller round and a lot younger – maybe I’d let him flirt with me! There’s just something about his smouldering eyes… oh boy… it’s getting hot in here…

Ever since I went and got married, my husband seems to think that I need to stop watching the Hills and I need to switch to the Harris’s. No matter how many times I tell him that I’m going to be a Hill forever – he thinks it’s time I shake up my shows. Well that, and he thinks my addiction to fake reality tv is just really stupid. He doesn’t understand that by living my life through others, my life instantly becomes more interesting.

With that said, I look forward to the return of the Hills. I’m trying not to pay attention to any spoilers or anything because I want to be surprised. There is nothing better than screaming at the tv when some douche(spencer) does something stupid (like walk out on a conversation with his fiancee).

What can I say? I must just be a teenager at heart!

1 thought on “Obsessed with the Hills

  1. See, in my dream world, I marry Brody cuz he’s ready to settle down, and Lauren is my best friend and doesnt get mad at me for marrying Brody because she finds someone super awesome like her, and Heidi gets common sense and becomes our best friend again, while Spencer gets in a car accident and can’t walk or talk anymore. He’s a veggie and we’re all happy.

    So then…me, Brody, Lauren+mystery man, Heidi, Audrina, and Whitney all live happily ever after in the hills of Hollywood.

    The end.

    You think YOU’re obsessed? 😉

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