I talk a lot on my blog about certain items that I can’t seem to get enough of – house hunting, big turk chocolate bars, assorted colours depending on the time of year, photography.

Many of you also know of my silly obsession with certain reality television shows. What you may not know is another obsession that I’ve had for the better part of a decade – and yes it involves tv. (I’m a bit of a couch potato – surprise surprise thunder thighs.) Just what do I need a daily dose of? If it is on, 9 out of 10 times I select it. The characters are engaging. Each show can either be viewed one by one, or as a series to follow the higher story arc. It’s been on the air for the past 18 years, and I’ve probably been watching for at least 14 of them,and if I didn’t catch it the first time, I can almost guarantee I saw it in reruns. It started off simply, just popping it on and seeing the gritty drama unfold before my eyes. I took comfort in seeing the same faces over and over week after week, and now day after day. Their wins were my wins, their losses were my losses. When a character died or moved away and was replaced, I knew that it would take some time, but the show would still go on and would be better soon. Oh yes, I have spent nearly half my life watching this show and I can’t even begin to imagine a life without it.

So what could keep me captivated this long?

Law and Order – that’s what.

Just for fun, I thought I’d list all the different partners they’ve had on the show. See how many you’ve heard of before:

Max Greevey + Mike Logan
Mike Logan + Phil Cerreta
Mike Logan + Lennie Brisco
Lennie Brisco + Rey Curtis
Lennie Brisco + Ed Green
Joe Fontana + Nick Falco
Joe Fontana + Ed Green
Ed Green + Nina Cassidy
Ed Green + Cyrus Lupo
Cyrus Lupo + Kevin Bernard

Also – in the history of the show there have only been two commading officers:
Don Cragen and Anita Van Buren

Every night as I”m falling asleep I need the tv on. It drives James nuts but there is one show he likes to have on – Law and Order is it. He didn’t even really watch the show when we met, but now he knows the characters just as much as me. I don’t know what it is, but I know it’s time to settle in and pay attention every time I hear the opening to the show. Even reading the words get me all excited and ready to watch another episode. Good thing it’s on EVERY NIGHT! WAHOO!!!!

Oh and in case you forgot, here is the opening…

In the Criminal Justice System the people are represented by two separate, yet equally important groups. The police who investigate crime and the District Attorneys who prosecute the offenders. These are their stories.

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