Of life and death and all points in between – all in one weekend – geesh!

This weekend is nuts.

As many of you can tell by my ticker – we are getting the keys to our house on Friday. That’s 5 days from now!!! This means we need to finish up our packing and getting things done. I feel that we are in good shape and with me being so busy this weekend – James has truly been able to focus without getting distracted my me and my multitude of questions. (Trust me – when I was packing for the past three months it was best when he was otherwise occupied.)

But as this is crunchtime, you’d think we could focus on that. Unfortunately – life had other plans.

Friday we were invited to a birthday party – that’s fabulous. Great guy and his fiancee is super nice. We would’ve loved to have gone but had to bow out due to the packing situation. We instead finished packing up the office and felt really good for doing so.

Saturday afternoon I attended a wedding shower after stopping to visit my very dear neice that unfortunately broke her nose on Friday and was in need of a friendly face. My cousin Amanda is getting married and I had the joy of seeing some of her family that I hadn’t seen in years. Oddly enough – she recieved multiple duplicate gifts including three salad spinners, three pizza cooking stones and a bakers pizza rack as well as few pairs of oven mitts. By the end it was incredibly comical.

After the shower I went to visit my nephew Kamryn. It was his 11th birthday and for the morning he had been paintballing. A few nice bruises later and he was home smiling and dreaming of getting his own paintball gun. He was pretty excited.

I came home from there – packed more bags and got ready to go out – as we were going to an Engagement Dinner for our best man and his new fiancee. Must admit – drank too much wine, and woke up a little heavy headed, but I had such a good time. It was good to sit around and hear all the gory details of how Dan pulled off the engagement of the century.

Today (Sunday), I attended a baby shower for my good friend Vanessa. She’s due at the start of April and she looks fabulous. All the wonderful gifts they received are really going to come in handy too. Only one duplicate gift and it’s almost better they recieved it – as they have two cars and use for two mirrors.

I’m now home between it all and trying to relax a bit before having to go for a funeral wake for my old neighbour. Mr. Grimmer was a sweet slow moving old man when we lived next door to him and that was over 6 years ago. As we were neighbours for over 20 years, I should go and pay my respects to him and his wonderful wife.

Hard to believe it’s all happening in one weekend – but at least after Friday night and Saturday morning next weekend I can finally slow down!

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