Oh baby!

Last year and this seem to be the year of the baby as many of my friends both near and far have either gotten pregnant or had babies or both. I find myself incredibly happy for them and ecstatic that they are growing their little families.

When my husband and I got married we started to get mild pressure from our families about having kids. This was to be expected and we always answered the same – that we just weren’t there yet. Here we are 2 1/2 years later and we still aren’t quite there yet but I keep wondering how I’d feel if we were.
Those that are having/have had babies this past year have joined in with our families to put the pressure on. It’s kind of like the “Come on now, everybody is doing it” mentality. If they could do it, so could we. As they mention all the time “You are great with kids, when are you having your own?”
I love kids – really I do – but the pressure is getting almost to the point where it’s really annoying and I just might snap at people. If we aren’t even trying yet and the pressure is getting to me – how bad will it be when we are trying and it’s not happening?
I’ve heard many stories about couples finally start trying and waiting years until they either gave up or finally had something happen. My very own sisters didn’t have it happen right away and I know how painful it was for them to see their friends get it on the first try. I know they had fun trying, but it still was a little heartbreaking when month after month they weren’t pregnant.
After hearing a friend blow up on facebook of all places to let everyone know that “NO – I AM NOT PREGNANT STOP ASKING” I’ve decided that it’s time I stop acting like everyone else. I’m not going to ask or bother anyone anymore. You never know if you are going to strike a nerve with someone.
I’m sure we’ll be ready within the next couple years, and I hope that people will leave us alone when we start trying. For now – we’ll just sit back, and bask in the joy of holding babies and passing them back when they poop or puke.

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