Oh Halloween….

It’s hard to believe that the Halloween season is here yet again. I’m excited about this year in that it’ll be our first year in our new house having our annual shindig. We’ve had big parties, small parties and quiet and zany. It’s been all over the map. Not sure how this year is going to go.

After moving to Cambridge we’ve kind of lost touch with many of our old friends. We still love them but we really don’t get to talk as much anymore. Many of them are planning on coming to our party and I think that’s awesome!!! They always really think hard about their costumes as they never want to duplicate anything. Some even come in a huge group that all work around a central theme. It’s pretty crazy but they seem to pull it off.

This year we have some new friends coming. They all have a great energy and are really agonizing over what to be. I can’t wait to see what they come up with.

With the fresh blood coming in I think this could be a crazy year! My first party was at my parents house when James and I first started dating. I put so much effort into it and have grown to love the holiday. That first year I made it about sorcery and witchcraft. I had candles and books on spells and dreams. I had blown up and put together information on how to read your palm. I made carrot fingers and bloody hand punch. It was a slow start – but it got people talking. There wasn’t much dancing that first party. Every year since then has built to include more people and crazier things.

Now I’m starting to panic. How can I outdo last year???

Our house is much bigger which means our decorations have to stretch further. With our current economic situation, I think bigger picture and won’t be blowing a wad on getting all sorts of new stuff. I’m going to have to get creative. I hope that no one complains about how boring it is!

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