On their toes looking for trouble

Life has been rolling on lately – and mostly in the electronics department.

Right now, I am typing away on our new laptop that was purchased with a bonus James got from his freelance work. In front of me on the table is my schnazzy new camera that I love so far. I need more practice with it, so don’t be surprised if I show up to random events with the camera in tow. Beyond the table is this lovely widescreen tv – which was our last wedding present.

James really REALLY wanted a tv. He wanted a flat screen, HD widescreen jobbie, so we now have a nice Toshiba 32″. We don’t have an HD box yet, but the images we are getting are phenomenal. Especially when watching Lost! Oh man am I ever glad it’s back. We’ve been watching a lot of movies since the writers strike started and I’m glad to have a show to watch again.

Actually – I shouldn’t really say that – I had a show to watch. A show that’s been giving me fresh content every day since I was born, and even before. I’m talking about Soap Operas folks – and one in particular. Those that know me well, know that I was raised on the lives of Genoa City. Oh yes – my mother is a Young and the Restless fan and shared the passion with all of us. There is nothing better than trying to remember how many wives Jack and Victor have had, and how many children are missing from the show just ripe to come back and breathe new life in the show. (Speaking of which, I’ve been predicting the return of Victor Jr for a long time – and I’m glad they finally brought him in. Sad to see Hope die, but at least it brings back a good story line that will add some craziness to the storyline.)

Now what I don’t understand is that with this writers strike, how have they still been able to generate new soap operas every day? Why are the writers for the soaps not considered the same as the writers for say the Tonight Show? It’s one of those things that make you go hmmmm…. See I could go look it up, but frankly, I’d rather just watch the Westminster Dog Show.

Oh man, I love dogs. I love cats too, but for some reason a cat show isn’t nearly as interesting as a dog show. I really envy Bridgit and her dog shows. She gets to see the best of the best all over the place, because she helps train and raise the best of the best. Her huskies are adorable. Someday I’ll go out west to see her and go to one of her shows with her.

Since James and I are starting to look into what it will take to get a house and thinking about what we want, I’ve come to realize how important it is to me to have a fenced yard so that we can have a dog. We want to have an area to let our little pooch run around and have space to play without getting out and chasing cars. I’ve had pets run over by cars – and it isn’t pretty.

Max, the dog of my youth, was hit by a car. Broke his leg and it was so sad. I didn’t think he make it. Later on, we had some kittens born into our garage by a very sick female siamese cat. She gave birth and then slowly stopped coming around. We found homes for all the kittens except one little flea bag one that took a liking to our family. Tom was a a black and white tom cat that decided to move in to our house because he liked us so much. Midnight, the love of my life cat, did NOT like this idea. She hated Tom because like her, he wanted my attention – only he would fight for it. She just got it before and was very snobby about it. I took a liking to Tom with his slightly crossed eyes and before you knew it we had two cats. I was absolutely devastated, when after only a few months of having Tom, I came home from work to find him on the street having been hit by a car. I actually woke up my parents because I wanted them to take care of Tom, but it was too late. It was because of Tom and Midnight’s obvious distaste for other cats in the house, that we never got a second cat. Once Midnight died, my parents decided that they couldn’t handle losing another pet. Midnight was really special and lived for a really long time. 16 years is a long time for a pet to enter your heart and your family.

Anyhow, the dog show is back on. Guess I’ll go back to the new tv and dream of future pets.


3 thoughts on “On their toes looking for trouble

  1. I need to get my Corgi and then I’ll come out to Ontario for shows. Of course, that won’t be for SEVERAL years now still.

    And one day I intend to be at Westminster. So even if you never get to come to a show with me, you can be at home watching me on TV. 🙂

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