Open Houses – Week number 6

So this week was positive and negative one but things seem to be looking up! I got hired on permenantly at work since the girl I was covering on mat leave decided to not return to work. That meant that we can really start seriously looking. A few new listings that looked promising in our price range also came up too so we had some new open houses to check out.

I decided to double check with our mortgage broker this week regarding our mortgage. It’s been awhile and since I’m permanent I figured we should get things sorted out for real and ask more questions. Unfortunately, something came up on my credit report and it pissed me off to no end. I changed my credit card to a lower interest card to save money. The company I have my card with NEVER told the credit bureau of the change, and it showed up that I had TWO credit cards with huge amounts on them. I was livid! This could hold us back from our dreams. I contacted them and told them they have to fix this because it’s going to look awful on me if we find a house we want within the next week before they can fix everything. Needless to say I called them, ripped a good one and they are getting it sorted and faxing a letter to my mortgage broker by Tuesday/Wednesday.

The other bad thing was that my mortgage broker is going on vacation this week and wont’ be back until December 1st. I had a bad feeling about that – but meh. What can you do? Everyone is entitled to vacation – and who would think we’d find a house?

Saturday’s open houses were no go’s. The first one had a really great porch was one and a half stories on a good street. Long driveway, big property and original hard wood floors and trim. This is where the problems began and we left without even checking out the basement. They even had put wallpaper over tile! Unbelievable! The other bathroom had a lovely pink hue. And not in a way you could fix either – the sink and the toilet were pepto bismal pink! Yeah it was ruled out completely when we were told that they already had TWO offers. Who says that and then still has an open house?

We went to a second open house yesterday on a whim. I knew we could afford it and hadn’t really looked at a backsplit yet. Um yeah. We don’t like them. And especially when it was the original owners and they were packrats and the house smells and is ugly. Yep – it’s out.

But today – we may have found the one. We’ve already contacted our agent and talked to our parents and are going to try and get in on Tuesday night to see it. 3 beds, two baths, two storey, red brick, in Galt near our old house. It’s pretty darn awesome. Keeping my fingers crossed that the parents give the stamp of approval and we can get this house for the right price.

Fingers crossed for the following: mortgage broker has someone else in the office that can help us out, the house doesn’t sell before we have a chance to look at it again, our parents agree that it’s a good investment and that there are no major structural problems, that CMHC approves us for a mortgage even with the stupidity from my credit card company.

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