Pack Rat

So I continue to try and get packed up for the move and it’s funny to hear the different reactions from people about it.

My mother – she thinks that we should have nearly everything packed and that we must be really far behind. But – she hasn’t come down and she hasn’t seen all that’s been packed.

Some of our friends – can’t believe that we’ve even started seeing as most people don’t get started until a month before they move

Others of our friends – completely understand what we are trying to do and commend us for packing so early

My sister – she came to help pack yesterday and was amazed by what was packed and that we had so much stuff. It’s true, we have lots of stuff but I think we are right on track.

James – he thinks that we should pack what we can but worries that we are going to pack things that we’ll still need over the next 41 days. But he commends me for packing so much and really appreciates what I’ve done.

Me – I think that we could have more packed, but still have to live here. I’m going to keep plugging away as the energy hits me so that when we move it can be a really smooth transition.

We’re trying to get all the things done for our address change too. The most important stuff is set, but when we called our insurance agent, they told us that it was still too early. The cable company said the same thing. Looks like until February 13th, we shouldn’t be calling everyone. Oh well – guess I’m just too excited!

Guess all I can do is drive by our new house and think about how awesome it will be to call it home!

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