Paint and Plaster

We’ve been doing some awesome painting in our hallway tonight. When we moved into the house – James had to make a tough decision. Couch in the basement and hole in the wall or ceiling, or no couch in a giant room with a tv in it. He opted for the hole in the ceiling and the couch in the basement. All in all it wasn’t a huge fix. We had my dad, his dad and Curtis to help out. But James did all the work putting it together.

We knew we’d have to paint anyhow – so why not right?

Well last weekend we went out and picked out some paint. We wanted to stay in a similar tonal family, but with a darker dimension. James really was set on a very specific colour and rather than completely fight him on a shade or two, I let him have his say. As we put it on the wall we loved it more and more. It’s awesome!

I’m not sure how it happened, but I did all the priming. I’m sure I could’ve done a better job, but I figured an allover coat allowing us to not see the plaster used to cover holes was a good start. I got all the points that we needed to have covered, and then taped off the areas we didn’t need – you know, like the carpet! I figured since I was priming the walls, I might as well prime the baseboards too. I hated the wood on them, so why not right? Well when we started painting we started to see how awesome the white trim will look with the dark blue-grey colour.

I’m very proud of our little house and very proud of James for his stellar work in covering the hole! Now just to show off our handy work to our friends and family at the housewarming!

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