Party like it’s 1983!

So I’m planning a fun party for my hubby’s 30th birthday.

Yes folks – my baby is turning 30!
I’m sure you don’t want to hear it, but my hubby is a couple years younger than me and for my 30th he rented a hall and got me a Cookie Monster pinata to make things awesome. Now that he’s turning 30, I want to throw the kind of party he’d like.
When I asked him a few months ago he mentioned Chuck E Cheese. I believe I blogged about it here…
Anyhow – After much thought and discussion, we decided that we could throw an awesome kids party right here at home – but without the kids.
I know, I know, why cut off a huge part of the population? Well My husband wants to say a big F. U. to his youth and the best way to do it would be drinking and doing really childish things. When we sat down to make a guest list for this awesome kids party without kids, he came up with about 80 names. 80!!! Wow. So much for having as many friends as the age you are! I’m sure that we won’t have that many show up, but these are the people he’d love to see.
We’ve narrowed down the venue to our house and I plan on having decorate your own cupcakes and giving out grab bags to the first 30 guests. We have a few fun little games too – but I’d love to get some help from the outside world. Perhaps from those of you who have kids or remember how fun it was to go to parties when you were a kid.
Do you have fun party ideas???
I’d love your help!!

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