Pet Peeves

I have a pet peeve that I’m sure you can appreciate.

Take out food service companies that have a tip option at the cash register on their debit/credit machine
First off – I just walked into your establishment, looked at a menu, walked to the counter and told you my order. Why do you deserve a tip for a) not helping me pick out my order and b) only writing it down or keying it in for someone else to prepare?
Secondly – I haven’t even tried the food. Why should I tip? It could be nasty and the most disgusting thing I’ve ever had. What if I get food poisoning from you?
I’ve paid good money for my food that I have in my hand. I drove my own ass there and picked out my order from your lovely signs or menus. What type of wonderful service did you give me that made you deserve the tip?
Another pet peeve I have is also food related.
Companies that automatically put the tip on the bill before it’s even given to you.
Sure you’ve brought me food, made sure I had drinks and that everything was okay. But don’t you think I should have the right to decide how much of a tip I should give you? What if your service was crappy?
I know the only reason they do this is for those gullible people that don’t actually read their bill and just pay and add a tip. I almost got caught on this a few times and am really glad that I did a double check and stopped myself. Makes you wonder how many companies get away with that crap!
It’s a different story if you walk in and they say “A 15% gratuity will be added to your bill” but if you don’t know this going in – you might be in for a surprise.
Here’s a word to the wise – pay extra attention next time you are making a payment somewhere – you might be paying more than you should.

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