Psychic Predictions

I went to see a psychic for my birthday. I’ve always wanted to go and see one and this was going to be an opportunity to take control and make it happen. I asked my oldest sister to come with me and she was so kindly willing to go and take notes for me.

I wanted to write everything that was said down so that I could remember what was said.

He said I would have a long life but that I have some health problems. Namely on my left side – most likely the ovary. Within the next 5 months it’s going to get worse and I’m going to need to look into it. If I want to have a baby that I’m going to need to have this looked at first. He said that I have water on me and that I need to take some water pills to get this off. He said I need to lose 7 pounds and that should give me more energy and make me feel better.

My career will be changing slightly. He has noted that I haven’t been happy with my current position for the past year and that I had another position before that I was better suited to. I will be staying in the same field but moving upwards within the next 3 months. Going to happen quickly. I will have new responsibilities. The company I am with is not using my talents to the best of their ability and they will realize they could be making more money with me in a different position. I need to put a lot of effort in and not be afraid. He feels that I will achieve my career goals this year.

He feels that I’m a very people oriented person and that I need to stop focusing on people who don’t appreciate me. I should keep working on maintaining positive relationships and working with others. He said that I am very caring and that I have been held back by a man in my life.

There is a man in my life that is upsetting me and that in the past year we have had a lot of communication breakdown and a lack of trust. The lack of communication is bringing down my self esteem. He is intimidated by me and doesn’t like my leadership. We need more and friendlier soft love making – fun, not necessarily slow. I need to make ultimatums with him regarding work or there will be a major problem. My husband spends too much money and needs to really look at his needs vs his wants. He is contaminating me and things need to change or it will end up hurting me. We need to take a vacation away, not far, even if it’s just for a single night to try and bring our relationship back on track. I am stronger than him and I need to stand up for myself so that he stops bringing me down.

He said that I am made for having babies and children. I will have them but probably not for a year. I need to focus on getting the issue with the inflammation in the left side of my body first.

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