Real estate lessons of the day

Things I learned today:

  • The real estate market in Cambridge is saturated with houses
  • Houses in Cambridge are taking longer to sell than they were six months ago
  • Most people aren’t willing to put the extra money in when building new houses to get a door inside leading to the garage
  • Selling without an agent doesn’t mean that you are selling your house at a lower price than your neighbours – but you want to save the agent fees
  • Men that live alone don’t do a lot of landscaping
  • End unit townhouses get just that much more of a backyard
  • Pictures online for houses might be misleading
  • If a house looks really nicely decorated, James doesn’t think anyone is living there and feels the house has been staged – he would prefer for the house to look lived in
  • I don’t mind houses that are connected at the garage to the neighbours, as long as the houses aren’t connected
  • By waiting a little longer to get a house, more and more houses are coming up – and of better quality
  • I get really excited to see nice paint on the walls
  • Kitchens still are a top priority for us
  • In law suites aren’t all they are cracked up to be
  • Seeing homemade handy work makes me laugh – especially when in weird little areas like behind the water heater and other hidden places
  • The smell of old people in October makes me think of haunted houses… I wonder if I can bottle that smell and use it for Halloween…
  • Some real estate agents are really excited about the house they are showing, others could care less
  • Some agents ask too many questions and appear really pushy
  • James doesn’t like for agents to talk to him much when he’s going through open houses
  • I really like talking to the agents and asking questions because I feel rude if I don’t
  • I still don’t know if you should knock on the door or ring the doorbell when going to an open house – just what is the etiquette anyway?
  • The hours from 2-4 are not enough to go through all the open houses in a day – why can’t they extend them for one more hour so you can see more?
  • Spending time at open houses is a really cheap but fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon

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