So my hubby woke up with reservations. Well one reservation. “It’s a townhouse. What’s it like living in a townhouse? I thought we wanted to get a full house and I keep thinking we’ll find the perfect house that is a stand alone house.”

Like any computer nut, he put it on his facebook and his twitter and asked for opinions. People talked to him and helped him see that it isn’t a bad thing at all. The only complaint is neighbours and after talking to the homeowner yesterday, I know that they really are nice people and very helpful.

So we ended up putting in an offer. Now we play the waiting game. Trying not to get my hopes up as the sellers agent hasn’t been returning my agents calls.

Fingers crossed that all goes well, they counter, we counter back and get it all sorted by their self imposed deadline of tomorrow night. It’ll be a long night possibly. Wish us luck!

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