Shake your groove thing

Guys, let me let you in on a little secret.

A girl does not care that you know how to dance or that you look good doing it. We just want you to get out there and do it.

We all started out young at weddings or parties watching our parents out there on the dance floor. My father would grab onto my mother and would glide her around the dance floor. She was a princess floating around on a cloud as he led her with a smooth flow. The few times I’ve had the pleasure of dancing with my father have been some of the happiest times of my life. If my father can make it look good just by trying – you can too.

Now every guy is willing to try slow dancing. Generally it’s just a step from one side to the other in a circle. Nothing wrong with that!

But what about the fast songs??? Will you dance to those???

Most men will answer no to that question. Some women would too. People are so afraid that people would look at them oddly if they stepped outside the box and made a funny move – but the truth is – everyone has to start somewhere. Wouldn’t you rather be involved in the action?

Like many women, I had to kiss a few frogs before finding my prince. And many of the frogs didn’t want to dance. Sure they’d dance in the privacy of their own rooms, but rarely fast. Put them at a party or a big event where music was taking place and they’d rather sit at the sidelines and grumble at those on the dance floor. Many of them were jealous of all the guys on the floor getting the attention from the ladies. Some even accused me of flirting as I was dancing in the same circle. What was it that made them feel threatened? Oh that’s right – they weren’t having fun. Nothing was holding them back, but their own insecurities, and it was those insecurities that were really inattractive.

When my prince came along, I wasn’t sure if he’d be willing to dance. He’s 6’2″ and has lots of arms and legs that could flail around just might embarrass him. However, the first time we were together and I found myself on the dance floor with friends, within minutes he was up there with me. Dancing as crazy and silly as me. He keeps a flow going, which really is what dancing is all about. Sure he’s about a half a beat behind me, but he’s out there and he’s trying and he doesn’t care who’s watching him. He has fun with it and isn’t afraid to be stared at or made fun of. If anything, he smiles right along and keeps on going. Through that, no one makes fun and I guarantee there are guys on the sidelines envying his ability. They wish they could be him because he’s having fun and they are on the sidelines.

With that – gentleman – get out on the dancefloor. Make your special lady proud!

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