Showing strength

So I got the job – but…I turned it down. They wanted to offer me minimum wage. That would be fine – but I think I’m worth more than that. So hopefully something else comes along.

I talked with my boss today and it really made me feel valuable. There is an opening in our company for a Management position, which I am qualified for. I’m just not sure I want the headaches. I made up my resume anyhow – and we’ll see how I feel tomorrow. My mind has been swimming ever since I heard it was coming up. To apply or not to…

I love the company I work for. The benefits are awesome and the people, for the most part, are really great. I’d love to work there and make it a home. But do I want insanely long days? Do I want to be a babysitter and get more grey hair again? It’s not that I don’t think I could do it, I just think I’d push myself too hard. If you know me, you know that I strive to do the best I can in whatever I do. I’m also not so fantastic at delegating jobs. Maybe that’s why I shouldn’t be management…

I told my boss about how I was thinking of applying and she thinks I should try. She figures I’ll get an interview. Then again, they probably give that to everyone internally that applies unless it’s completely out of left field! I also admitted to my boss an evil plot that I have. It basically involves getting rid of a girl in marketing and taking her position. When the posting came up I was only a couple months into my contract and things were really hairy in my department. A girl went on mat leave, the girl replacing her ended up pregnant and leaving for her mat leave – and then they got another girl to cover that was also pregnant. That girl ended up having her baby MONTHS early and we were so screwed. If I left my boss then it would be completely devastating to the department. I wanted the position, but thought it would look much worse for me to apply at such a difficult time.

I’m hoping that she can’t handle it and quits – but I know it’s more likely that they’d have to get rid of her in a different way. When I told my boss, she said that if the position came up, the marketing manager would hire me in a heartbeat. They wanted me for the position to begin with, but knew the circumstances.

Even still, I’m looking for other opportunities, and even applied to three different full time spots that came up today in other companies.

So fingers crossed, something happens and I become full time in an awesome position – so that me and my hubby can get us a house!

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