sick to my stomach

We are leaving in a very short period of time to go check out a house. This house could be the house we buy, this could be the first house that proves to be pretty in a picture but has a whole pile of issues underneath.

We already have some red flags, but the pros completely seem to outweighing the cons.

I’m just feeling so nervous about it because I’ve never really liked anything like this. One that I couldn’t walk away from. I literally walked into the bedroom and sighed. It was cozy and cute and had this amazing open ceiling and lots of light. It was awesome.

But today is a new day and I might get there and completely change my mind. I might go in and realize that this house just won’t work.

Of course with this house my mind goes back to the other house that we really liked. It’s still on the market and in fact, just dropped in price. The house is only 10 square feet different than this, and the basement is already done. The yard is bigger and it’s also updated for the furnace, roof, windows. Will it be worth the not so pretty exterior to go back to that house and make it ours?

Right now I’m loving this house we are going to see – and even knowing that the driveway is shared, and the roof will need replacing within a couple years – I feel we can work past that.

Houses aren’t cheap though and we really want to make sure that we can afford the one we have.

Who knows what’s going to happen. Send me all your positive mojo and hopefully what is meant to happen will happen.

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