Spooktacular Sum Up

First, I just want to say how sad it was to not see everyone out on Saturday night – but for those of us that were there we had a really great time. I thought I’d sum things up for everyone who couldn’t make it.

There were some added twists to this year’s party – with an outdoor element in the way of a haunted back yard complete with tombstones, a severed arm and leg and a creepy baby in a coffin. We also had a trivia competition and a pumpkin carving challenge.

The pumpkins were all really creative and helped showcase some of the best carving talent I’ve seen in a really long time. Andy the Swiss Pumpkin ended up winning and he loved his special bobble head. He kept bobbling his head all night to show me how much loved his prize. Thanks to Dennis and Adam and Laura for bringing Swissy and not giving him a chance to rest after his LONG trip across the ocean.

Jeff (Champ) showed his true trivia prowess and worked to make sure his team (of him and me-Corina) won the challenge with only one wrong answer out of 10. Of course everyone thought it was fixed that I won, but having never won anything at any of my parties, I was very happy with my special bendy Gumby. Huge thanks to our corporate sponsor Dan for organizing the quiz and bringing the prizes for the costume contest.

The prizes were awesome for this years event and thanks to all the awesome costumes, it was a tight race. Dan was able to secure electric razors for the male and female costume winner. Seeing the huge smile on the male winner – Nick was priceless. It was the best prize yet and Nick’s costume as the Riddler was just genius. Not everyone can get away with a once piece tight costume.

For the first time ever there was a tie for the girls side. Sandra with her naughty nurse costume faced off against Laura in her Harley Quinn costume. Both looked awesome and mortified when they found out they tied. To make things easier, we allowed them to select surrogate dancers to face off on their behalf. Carmen and Dennis stepped up to the plate and both chose their song to compete. Unfortunately, James tried to throw in a twist with the Arnold Schwarzenegger work out version of It’s Raining Men. Of course this lead to sudden death dance off where they worked together to get through a Backstreet Boys tune. Couldn’t help laughing when the Swiss Pumpkin took off to show off his moves. As he told a few of us “This is a great song.” Apparently, the Swiss love the boy bands.

Dennis danced Laura into the big prize. The rest of the night involved random raves, lots of candy including pop rocks, a large amount of punch and even pie. It was a great time had by all and James and I were so happy to see everyone come out for most likely the last Hill-Harri(u)s major shindig out in Clyde.

I guess the only questions that remain are:
Just who left the black vest behind?
Just what costume will be good enough to take the prize next year?
What will James and I do to top this years awesome party?
and do pop rocks and beer really go together as Kristina says they do?

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