Sweet dreams

This will be the last morning where I my body is so creaky that it forces me to wake up incredibly early. The time is now 6:34 and even though it is true that I fell asleep around quarter after 10 last night, I should still be able to fall asleep and stay asleep for longer.

Today however, today is the day that our new glorious bed arrives!

It’s soft, but not too soft. Its sturdy in all the right ways. We’ve got a new mattress and boxspring – special pillows that match our needs and personal desires. I’m so glad that my personal nightly dream of a good night sleep is going to come true!

This dream is happening one day before my oldest neice turns 16. Yes folks – 16 years old! Hard to believe that someone I have watched grow up is now going to be driving soon. She’s already dating, but she’s going to be thinking of possibly college or career. She has so much going for her, but so many decisions that have already gone wrong. It’s funny how that happens when you are young.

I got some really good advice from a tv show that has emanated with me for years. And any time I think of her, I remember all the stupid mistakes I’ve made and how I bounced back from them.


I know that it shouldn’t matter to me, but it’s a philosophy that I’ve thought of from time to time.
I even shared my wisdom at a baby shower when they asked for parental advice. Everyone else that was there kept thinking about things to do with newborns. Me, I only remembered the quote above. I hope it comes in handy for them as much as it has when I remineded my mother of it.

I have talked with others who are having a difficult time with decisions their children are making. Mostly all silly things that will alter their appearance, such as dying their hair blue, or wearing clothing that they would be embarrassed to be seen with. Thing is – there’s nothing wrong with making dumb mistakes when you are young. We’ll just take pictures and bring it back to haunt them when they are older!

I remember that I used to go out in a pair of shorts and a sports bra! I wanted to look hot, I had a good body at the time and it seemed fine to me. It actually would show less cleavage than some of the tight shirts I had. I looked really slutty, but do you think I cared? I wanted to be looked at and never thought that someone who shouldn’t be looking would be. (Although I do think they were paying more attention to my best friend in her prettier bra than me!)

Anyhow, there were times I wanted another piercing or a tattoo and my parents wouldn’t let me. They figured these were things that would mark my life forever. Although this is true, many people take out a belly button or nipple ring and where I wanted my tattoo wasn’t really that noticeable. (Well other than when I wanted my first tattoo – a rose wrapped around my ankle – come on now, I was 12!)

I was a bit of a rebel, and I see a lot of me in my niece! She’s got spunk, loves seeing boys and tries to fit in when she’s with different people. She’s screwed up in classes, which is something kids do and she made a dumb decision to start smoking. Sad thing is, mostly all my friends were smokers – just because I made the choice to not start – doesn’t mean I didn’t think about it. It’s amazing that I didn’t in retrospect, but we aren’t talking about me are we?

I try to be one of those cool open aunts where they can ask me anything and I’ll be as honest as I can. I took my neice out shopping for her birthday present to Limeridge in Hamilton. She’d never been there – or even heard of the mall before so I thought it’d be fun ( and it would take my mind off the fact that James was away) to go somewhere new and fresh. I wanted to get her something of good quality, that fit her well and looked really good. She hasn’t had it easy in her life, and I was excited by the changes she’s been making in her personal style.

Anyhow, I took her to the mall, and the first store we go into, she tries on a top that has very little cleavage showing, but a bit of a princess cut under the bodice and an a-line slightly flowing fabric hanging down. It fit her so well and the colours brought her eyes. She looked amazing and although we didn’t want to commit – we both knew that every top the entire day would be compared to this one. She was feeling really good about things – and as we walked around, I noticed some tall good looking high school boys checking her out. I stepped back a bit to give her some space and she hadn’t even realized what I did. It was funny watching from behind and seeing these boys looking at her and her not even really realizing they were there. I came to realize that she’s an attractive girl that has a lot of potential and I know that she’ll be okay.

If only I can accept that her hair is so bleach blonde right now that she doesn’t even look like herself! keep remembering Quirky Cori – it’s only hair, it’ll grow back!

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