Taking a Chance

So we met the dog tonight – such a hard time to get to this point as the rescue organization was having issues with their website. All our info was held up on the website so they couldn’t get an update on the status of our application. James and I were REALLY worried. They called our references and that went really well according to them. We couldn’t understand why they weren’t getting back to us. And with the website down, how were we to know that they were even still working to find homes for the dogs on the site?

James had to send a not so nice email asking them to remove our application if they were going to continue “jerking us around.” Perhaps this wasn’t the best way to describe things. But it did get a reaction and that’s why the very next day after sending the email we were able to meet Chance.

Boy he’s a sweetie. He’s older, but still has lots of life in him and is so completely full of love. Instantly took a liking to me and met me at the door. Went right past James and went straight for me. He was so happy to see me for some reason and just lapped up attention from me. Stayed attached to my leg the whole time we sat and talked and only pushed me out of the way once to get some love from James.

The couple that have been fostering him really have done wonders with him. They keep him from jumping up and have spent lots of time with him keeping him with them as they work. They love in their eyes for him was evident and they were really happy to hear that he’d be going to a loving home. I think they were amazed by just how well he took to us too and how much we showered him with love. The husband asked on several occasions if we were taking him with us – and as much as we’d love to – it isn’t how the rescue works.

We are now in the next phase. If they give us a good reference with the rescue organization, then we’ll get to have the in-home visit. If that goes well – he stays with us and he’s the newest member of the Hill-Harri(u)s clan. In my heart he’s mine and htis waiting is agonizing.

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