Tax-y MacTaxerson

I have to say it – I love my house. Sure it needs some minor work and yes we have dreams to make it the perfect house, but I love it. I just love pulling up onto our street and then parking in the driveway. I love walking in and seeing our things and our furniture. I love that all the stuff in the cupboards is ours and that this wonderful big closet is filled with our things. In fact all the closets have our stuff. Heck – we HAVE CLOSETS! That’s a huge deal coming from an apartment that had a bedroom closet and nothing else.

Home ownership was the right thing.

James wasn’t sure this was the best option. Figured if we waited in the economy we could’ve got an even better deal. But since moving in we found out that our townhouse is the largest one on the entire street. Others you would assume are the same are smaller by 100 square feet. (Nosy neighbour told me so it must be true.) Also the Canadian government is now looking at taxing house deals.

In a time when our economy is very unstable they’ve decided to tax more and more people. Gotta love their logic!

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