Televisions Terrific Top Three

Hard to believe folks – a beagle won the big prize. I didn’t see it, as I was watching the beloved Jericho with James. To which, I just found out that it didn’t get very good ratings. UGH!!!

James and I have three shows that we are completely involved in and plan our night around.

#1 – Lost
We came upon this show because someone told us to download and watch it. They were really intrigued in it and said that we should check it out. We started about halfway through the first season so it didn’t take long for us to catch up. We would watch them commercial free, two episodes at a time and before you knew it – we were hooked. We were constantly trying to figure out what was going to happen and where the show was going to go. Much like any new show, they started off with a huge bang, but by the second and third season had lost some of the pop and glitz. Luckily, now that we are back for the fourth season it appears to have regained some steam and will be going forward with some exciting episodes.

#2 – Heroes
The hype leading to the show really interested two geeky kids like us. We were drawn in by the comic book qualities, interesting action packed story line. The show itself allows you to wonder about people and their “powers” and really makes you question why evolution hasn’t made more changes to human beings to allow them to adapt. When the show went off the air at the end of the season I was so sad – as I knew it would be months before they brought it back.

#3 – Jericho
We didn’t get immediately onto this show and started watching two or three weeks in. The honest relationships and the questions revolving how it all happened brought us back over and over again. Unfortunately, like most people, we would have other things going on when it was on so we would download the show. It was going to be cancelled but there was such a huge uproar from fans that had watched the show after the fact that they decided to bring it back. It is now being dubbed the show the fans wouldn’t let die. And am I ever glad they didn’t end it. Last night’s episode was a good one – and I hope that it starts to gain popularity when it is on television and not just by downloading.

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