That’s Deelish!

A while ago my husband created a food website that was focused on different things that he’s made. Feel free to visit it at

I personally think my husband makes some of the best meals I’ve ever had. Sure we don’t always agree in that I like creamy sauces, and he’d prefer more of a spicy barbecue type, but the foods he makes are amazing. I remember the first time I realized his prowess as a cook in the kitchen. He decided to make meatloaf. I was so skeptical. My mother (whom I LOVE dearly) tends to make a drier meatloaf with not a lot of flavour. It’s pretty much just meat in a loaf form mixed with onions. Anyone that knows me knows that onions are NOT on my things to eat list. However my sister says it’s her favourite thing my mother makes.

So when James said he wanted to make me meatloaf I really was worried about the results. He assured me that I’d like it. I went to the kitchener nad watched as he started to throw down. I didn’t dare interrupt or say anything as I wanted to see how things came out. He put it all together and threw it in the crock pot. “The crock pot? that’s not a loaf pan!” I thought to myself but I let him go at it. As it slowly cooked the scents and aromas really did peak my curiosity. Every time I walked past the pot I was drawn in by how it actually looked really good. I found myself salivating before it even hit my plate.

Once it had cooked for the desired time he took it out, cut it and put some on my plate and his. “Here goes nothing” I said as I cut into my first piece. When it hit my mouth I was shocked by how moist it was. So flavourful. I couldn’t believe that this delicious meal was meatloaf!

Maybe I’m biased as for the most part we have the same like and dislikes when it comes to food, but he really is a great cook. Sure it takes some trial and error, and maybe he does cook only to his taste, but I love having a chef in the family!

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