The big V-Day

Last week was that holiday that most people either hate or love. So many people get their hopes up around this holiday. They dream of Prince Charming coming and sweeping them off their feet – of secret admirers and of romantic evenings. It’s all roses and champagne for valentines day. Of course I know that’s a lark. A dream worked up by companies to try and make money by selling their wares.

This year, with James’ trip, I had asked for two things – flowers and James’ time. We both worked to try and make it time for us – and for no one else. It wasn’t about spending a fortune, it was about turning off computers and the tv and focusing on ourselves. James was agonizing over a gift. I didn’t want much, but he still wanted it to be special. It was after all going to be the first Valentines Day as a married couple after all.

He brought home steak and I was surprised to see the different types – one for him and one for me with little to no visible fat. (I’m picky – what can I say!) He started marinating right after he got home. To make things special I set up a table in the living room, lit some candles and had James set up our little grill. We grilled our steaks right on the table and enjoyed great conversation. We talked about how good things seem to be going and how happy we’ve been since we got married.

I know it’s sappy, but I really do love my husband. I think I made the right choice and I’m glad that he chose me. I’ll never forget his words on our wedding day when we had a chance to sneak off.
“I wasn’t nervous at all today. The hard part was proposing – once I made that decision – I knew that this would be a piece of cake because you are the one for me.”

Those words, will forever be etched on my brain.

As for this Valentines, my flowers I wanted – well they ended up being some brown and orange plaid shoes. Very cool if you ask me. And his time, well part of it involved helping get his gear together for his ice fishing trip – but that was still cool – because we are together. And that was what I was most interested in.

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