The final countdown!!!

3 WEEKS TO GO!!!!!!

Beer has been ordered – teams are taking smack and it looks that competition will be fierce.

Opening ceremonies start at 3 – please try to be at the games for game day registration between 2:30 – 3pm. Yes there is an official torch, and yes there will be a parade of competitors. (This is why you need to send in your official songs!!!)

Games start around 3:45 – 4pm and will feature team events, partner events and individual events. Remember – all event disputes will be settled by pound off – so be sure to have at least one or two heavyweights on your team!!!!

We are hoping that the barbecue dinner will be ready by around 6pm. Yummy food!!!

We’ll get back to games once we’re done and will play, and drink, and drink and play until it’s time for closing ceremonies. We’re aiming for around 9pm. At this time we will honour the top three teams, the heavyweight of the games – as the person who consumes the most alcohol without showing it, and the lightweight of the games – the person who consumes the least amount of alcohol but can’t hold it!

How ready are you????

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