The financing wait game

My heart is racing.
Mind is spinning.
We are buying a new car.

Why does the financing have to be the scariest part? We come off the elation of making a big decision only to be in a room with the money guy. He hmms and haws over your personal finances. You feel so naked, exposed as everything is scrutinized. He says he needs to send it all in and then the waiting game begins.

Feeling a little violated you head home and wonder, am I good enough? Do I pass muster? Am I a risk they want to take?

I’ve bought two other new cars, both times were good. Both times I didn’t need a cosigner. What if this time I do?

It’s true, I have barely used my freeing card since buying the house but I sure used it before that. It was my best friend when buying stuff for my job. And stupid me never put the reimbursement cheques onto the card. The debt just built up and up. I never missed aayment, and always paid more than minimum but what if that isn’t good enough?

So here I sit and wait. Naked and exposed.

But man, she’s a pretty car. Hyundai Elantra Touring. Atlantic blue. Check her out.

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