The important thinks.

This time of year really reminds me how important it is to have good friends and loving family around you. Yesterday I turned 31 and in four days it’s Jesus’ birthday. This is a big time for people to be busy and doing things and yet I had a house full of people yesterday who took time out of their busy schedule to come and spend some time with me. Everyone got me something different and really showed that they really cared about me. It meant so much. Even those that really couldn’t make it took the time out to call me and make sure that I knew they were thinking of me.

This year, more than any other I wanted to make sure that I was prepared to handle the stress of the Christmas season. And I think that made it so much better for me to have everyone into my home.
Thanks go out to all my friends and family for making sure I had a wonderful birthday! I love you all!

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