The internet is broken. I repeat, the internet is broken

The internet is slow today but so am I. I’ve been very tired lately – must be all the excitement of my birthday, and then Christmas and New Years. I think someone broke the internet though – as even the page I’m typing on has words overlapping. I don’t think blogger would want to go on like this. No one would want to use them!

Although it did have to happen already. We all knew that SOMEONE would break the internet. Of course I always assumed it would be my husband who loves to have about 20 different things going on at all times when online. He’s like a rabid beast – wants his information and wants it now. I think it’s one of the deciding factors in getting an iphone. He can be connected to the internet any time anywhere. I’m not 100% sure if it’s a good thing or a bad thing. It’s bad when he has to whip it out every where to a) find a wifi network and b) twitter and tell EVERYONE what he’s doing. But it’s a great thing when we are debating over anything and need confirmation of who is right.

For instance – yesterday we were talking about how tough Demi Moore is. She is married to Ashton Kutcher after all and she did make the tough movie G.I. Jane. Which got us talking about how old Ashton is. James could have whipped out his iPhone and gotten the answer right away. Ashton is 30 by the way. Born in February 1978 – the same year as me. What can I say – it was a really great year.

Now that just makes me wonder if I can find out who else was born in the glorious year of 1978 that is celebrities…

A.J. Mclean – from the Backstreet Boys
Adrienne Frantz – the awesome actress who plays the firecracker Amber on Bold and the Beautiful and the Young and the Restless (Love her!)
Bill Hader – from Saturday Night Live, You, Me and Dupree and Superbad – but my personal favourite for him is the cop in Superbad
Clay Aiken – do I really need to tell you where he’s from? He’s the smooth singer from American Idol that should’ve won, but didn’t and still sold more records than the guy that did and now he’s come out of the closet after artificially inseminating a woman and having a baby together. Yep, that about sums it up for him
David Krumholtz – the genius from the tv show Numbers, there is something so sexy about a smart jewish man
David Tom – the originally Billy on Young and the Restless – and Heather Tom’s baby brother – he’s hot and I must include him. He’s on another soap now that I don’t watch but is still hot. Did I mention that he’s hot?
Eddie Cahill – the hot hot HOT cop from CSI: New York
Ethan Embry – who has done a tonne of movies, but stands out in my head as being in Empire Records and eating some crazy “special brownies” and getting mixed tapes from a guy with really long hair that was clearly in love with him.
Ian Somerhalder – everyone knows I love Lost – and Boone was a very important part of season one. I wonder if they’ll bring him back!!!!
January Jones – she plays the central characters wife on Mad Men – she’s a little nutty but really beautiful
Jason Biggs – everyone knows him from American Pie, but I know he’s been in other movies. I really like him and his goofy ways
Jesse Palmer – I think he’s a football player or something, but I know and love him from The Bachelor – yum-my!
Joshua Jackson – Okay I’ve loved him since Mighty Ducks, swooned over his portrayal of Pacey on Dawson’s Creek and just generally love his personality in anything he does. I want to be his best friend. What do you think Joshua – can we be best friends? I promise not to flirt with you too much making all your girlfriends jealous…
Katherine Hiegl and Katie Holmes – grouped these two great female actresses together but they are very different and both fab-u-lous
Kevin Federline – oh yeah – Britany’s baby dady is also born in 1978. He’s a dancer and rapper too but will never be famous from that – it’s all about Britney.
Nelly Furtado – she’s a pop singing powerhouse from Canada – proud to share the year of the horse with ya!
Perez Hilton – oh barf – not a big fan of this gossip mongerer but everyone knows him so I thought I’d add him to my list
Rachel McAdams – love her too! She’s a great actress and I loved her in The Notebook
Tamara and Tia Mowry and Topher Grace – child stars that make me wonder – where are they now?
Usher Raymond – Usher is the same age as me and he’s done so much? That’s amazing!

I must say, this is really a short list compared to all the names I’ve seen. But I’m still amazed by the number of fabulous people born in 1978. I know that all my friends born in that year are awesome, but I had no idea that I shared a year with such great stars (and crappy ones – aka Perez Hilton.)

I guess since I was able to look this up, the internet isn’t broken after all. Phew. I was getting worried!

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