The Internet is soooo slow!

Our internet has been balls lately. (And yes, I did say balls. I’ve been spending too much time with my husband lately!) James is trying to get it up and running, but unfortunately this prevents me from doing very much online. Of course last week, James had my laptop, but I was hoping this week things would be working properly.

It appears that living in the country where we do, we share our bandwidth with every house in the neighbourhood on the same tower. Somehow, someone has been hogging the bandwidth and has made it impossible for the rest of us to actually use the internet for something as simple as checking our email. James called last night and they booted off the person off line. Unfortunately within half an hour that person was back on line and the rest of us couldn’t use our internet. James called back last night – and no one responded and nothing has changed. I came home from work, checked online and sure enough – it’s super slow and not working. Complete pain.

James has been calling multiple different companies to see if they provide internet out here. I just hate the idea of losing all that money that we put in at the beginning.

So now he’s on the phone again. Fingers crossed that we can get this to work!


In other news, we had a meeting of the BOC on Friday of last week. It went so well! The people that we’ve assembled for this event are all very responsible, very eager and really excited about this event. It’s going to be so much fun. Now we just need to work out the minor details, like getting the money so that the budget will work. It’s going to be tight at $15 – and there is talk of upping it to $20 to try and make things work.

We’ll have to see if we get one more team – the money will be fine, if not, we will need just a tiny bit more in order to be able to afford everything.

It’s interesting the reactions I’ve been getting about this event. I get extreme elation and excitement – and then I get the complete opposite where people say “you know if this were three or four years ago I’d be all over this.” Maybe it’s because I’m turning 30, but I really want to enjoy my life. I want to have a good time with this, and even if I don’t drink beer the day of the event, I still want to have fun laughing at/with friends.


So back to the internet people. They are trying to tell James that he needs to get an upgrade to our internet in order to make it work. I’m sorry but that’s not a good reason to not have internet. We don’t even have 52 kbs! Now he’s run outside while on the phone with them to see something. It’s so annoying that we’ve wasted hours of time trying to get this sorted out! Apparently, it’s only giving us an 8% connection to the tower! How ridiculous! They’re going to come out and fix it… yeah. Good luck with that.


My desk at work has gotten more awesome. We had an issue this week. Let me start by explaining a bit more…

Our permanent department assistant got pregnant and went on Mat leave

We hired a girl to replace her who in turn went and got pregnant.

This left a gap of about 3-4 months before the first girl would be back.

Not really willing to hire someone for three months, we opted to put a girl from another department into the position. This girl worked in the warehouse but due to her pregnancy being high risk, she asked to move into an office spot. It was win-win for all of us, as she would fill in the time.

Well on Tuesday she left work early to go to a doctor appointment and it turns out that she’s got incredibly high blood pressure. The doctor put her on immediate bed rest. Her mat leave started that day – after only working a week independently – she’s now off for a year.

This has meant – stress – and lots off it – being put onto our boss, and with a trickle down effect on the rest of us.

So – in an effort to make my desk a little happier, I went and spruced it up. I bought a plant last night at Wal-Mart for the incredible low low price of $1.49. I put it into a green pot this morning before work and took it to the office. It now sits in my window sill, soaking up the sun. It inspired me so much that I went out at lunch and bought another one from Zehrs. This one had an awesome purple pot and cool leaves with green and purple lines. It’s crazy awesome and makes me happy just thinking about it.

Now my window just makes me happy! I hope that I can keep the plants alive.


Also in other news – James and I went out and bought a new mattress and a new boxspring. The deal was so good that we hooked ourselves up with pillows and sheets to match. The sheets they threw in for free and the pillows were by one, get one half off, so it was a great deal. We get the bed delivered on Saturday. I can’t wait! It’s going to make for such a dreamy sleep! When we were in the store as soon as I lay on this particular bed I said that I could fall asleep right away. Would’ve been bad for me if I had! James was laughing at how much I kept jumping from bed to bed to bed – each one getting better and better! The cost was less than we expected for what we got – considering that we were able to get a pillow top on deal and they knocked $200 off because we got a mix and match set. I told James how cool it would be to have one with a bright purple bottom or aquamarine. Hey – you can get a deal, take it!


So I better get back to the creepy movie I’m watching. I have The Covenant on – which has some really cute boys in it. Far too young for me, but still fun to look at. Oh boy – they are all naked in the showers now! Craziness! Normally it’s all about women in the showers but this is sexy hot boys. Apparently, all boys in private school have perfect physiques and are on the swimming team. There’s witches, and the hair on the back of my neck is standing on end. It’s quite creepy… If you like creepy movies, feel free to check this one out. I warn you though – there are spiders, lots of spiders in one scene and as everyone knows – I hate spiders! I closed my eyes and preyed for it to end. So yeah, back to the movie…

Have a good night!

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