The Opposite of Love

I just read a book that made me laugh. It made me cry. It made my heart rip out of my chest. It showed me hope and it showed me how to survive. It showed me that it’s okay to screw up – and that you can live through it all.
I love reading first time authors. Their thoughts are so original and unique and unexpected sometimes. I find that I like to stick through it because you can feel the passion that they have for their work. They write because they want to – not because an editor is screaming down their neck waiting for the next top seller. New young authors use phrases that aren’t in every other book either. This book actually had the word “clusterfuck” a word that is completely understood by generation. It’s not something you hear someone my parents age say let alone understand.
The book I just finished reading The Opposite of Love by Julie Buxbaum. You can see her official website by going here.
What I really liked most about the book was that it was so relate able. I felt that I could be the lead character. She was flawed in ways that I am flawed and has made decisions that may not seem like the right ones but are the right decisions for her. I went into a career out of school that wasn’t right for me and made the decision to move on and haven’t really looked back.
I also kind of liked that the book came to an end, but it wasn’t all perfect and fabulous like some books. You read it, and you know that life will go on and she’ll muddle through, still making mistakes and you are okay with that.
I honestly feel like I just looked in on someone’s life and made a friend.
The Opposite of Love.
I recommend it with two thumbs up and a pumpkin pie.

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