The politics of being me

Recently one of my twitter followers described me as someone they enjoy following because I’m not political.

It isn’t that I’m not political. As I am and I do have strong opinions on certain things. But I’ve taken a page from my parents note book. Don’t talk about anything like that in writing. Save it for face to face contact. Even then, I know that I need to hold my tongue.

I have certain people in my life that take great offense to people opposing their views. These are generally those that are extremely political to the left or the right. They have views on nearly everything and it’s easier for me to remain their friend if I just shut up.

I also don’t like to talk about issues when I don’t know all the facts. I like to think I’m well read but I’m not that knowledgeable on everything. It’s better to leave the debate out of things and get to know the people that I’m talking to.

A few months ago I was having a wonderful morning with a fairly new friend who has very strong views on the environment and city living. I could’ve expressed my dislike for the way in which he talked about his views but chose instead to talk to him about his life and where he came from. I wanted to know more about him as an individual. I asked questions and got to know him. Soon he was expressing his feelings about life, his childhood and his family. I heard about family pets and the great loves of his life. By talking and listening I did what I do better than most. I had him open up to me like I was Barbara Walter.

That expression has been used by my husband on more than one occasion. It seems by not getting political, or rather looking past the political views of others, I am able to easily make friends and get people talking. Everyone has a story and I love hearing them. Every person that I talk to – I give a little of myself. You’d be amazed how much you get back in return when you do that.

Back when we were only dating, my husband introduced me to one of his more outgoing best friends. This friend was normally the life of the party and constantly coming up with ways to have people look at him. He wanted everyone to laugh all the time and sometimes went to extremes to do so. Within a 10 minute conversation with him I had learned all about his dreams and his job and where he wanted to go with it. My husband didn’t have a clue that his friend had feelings and interests like the things he was telling me. He was amazed that in such a short period of time I had gotten to know his friend in ways he had never imagined.

I like to think it was my love of people, and my love of animals, that truly made my husband fall in love with me.

I like people. I like to try and keep people happy and when they aren’t I want to understand why and I want to try and help them.

So to my twitter follower who thought I wasn’t political. You are wrong. I just like people more than I like being political.

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