The Waiting Game

So I’m starting to get a little antsy about this whole dog process. As of Tuesday it will be two full weeks from when we sent in our application to Barlees and we still haven’t met the dog yet! We do know they aren’t completely ignoring us – we’ve gotten two emails and they have contacted our references. The references have talked about how we are around their dogs and how we were with the dogs we had growing up and stuff.

so anyhow – it’s been really bothering me. Two weeks is a long time to wait, but it sounds like it’ll be another week yet before we even meet him at his own surroundings and probably a week after that before we take him home. If we even get to that point.

It is possible they go and talk to everyone and say “You know what, you guys aren’t cut out for this dog.” If that happens, we’ll find another way to get a puppy of our own. We just really like him and his story and his size. I think we’d really make good dog parents and I hope that something happens soon.

So yeah, I’m sitting here agonizing and that’s pretty much all I can do.

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