They have ruined my McDonalds

New building = nice
New decor = nice
Childs Play area = great
Free wifi = awesome
Comfy reading areas = okay
Cool subway tile behind the counter = funky
Nice seating area outside = really good
Driving area at front of store to allow for pass through to second driveway = smart

Dirty tables all the time = gross
Slow service = not good
No free smiles = disappointing
Servers that disappear in the middle of getting your order = bad
Lack of communication as to why they disappeared = horrible
Managers that yell at their employees in front of customers = awful
Staff that complains about their weekend or their period rather than serving another customer = rude
Double drive through that is an interesting concept stolen from Fast Eddies = too small to be effective
Open concept creates loud noisy restaurant where customers can hear EVERYTHING = not comfortable or relaxing
Understaffed on the register = really slow
Manager standing at the edge of the kitchen barking orders rather than helping customers = appalling
Two managers in drive through and Zero in the front = unprofessional
Staff only able to handle one order at a time = terrible
15 minutes for a flurry = horrendous

The only saving grace is the things they do right compared to another restaurant in town —
they actually get orders right and the food is hot (or cold depending on your order) and it tastes like it should.

But is this enough to make up for all the rest? Only time will tell.

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