They make great pets, they make great pets!

I’ve become addicted to looking up dogs on kijiji and on the SPCA websites in the area. I’ve fallen in love with the idea of having a dog!

There is a slight problem though – we both want a somewhat mutt and don’t want to have to pay too much for him. We found Sparky in the paper back when I was 14 and he was a purebred border collie for only $15. James and I are hoping for a similar deal but don’t care if they aren’t purebred. I love dogs for dogs sake and want one that’ll be cute. Me, I lean to a more rotund dog = with a bit of a wider face and body. I want personality that way. I always like a bit bigger dog, but James, he’s more into the small to medium size. I can deal with medium, but don’t think I can deal with having a super small dog.

He did say the other weekend to some friends that when we get a dog, we don’t want to get a puppy, which is true. But it wasn’t “if we get a dog” it was “when we get a dog.” The wording here is key, because it means he might be considering it – and that makes me happy!!!!

But alas, we instead got this 10gallon fish tank from this guy for $40 and so we are going to get several fish instead. I’ve been dying to go out and look at stuff for the tank, but James really isn’t rushing this time. He wants to make sure the fish are healthy, work well together and that the tank looks nice. Either way, we are getting a new pet which’ll be fun and something cool to look at.

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