Ticker parade

Ta dat da da!

I’ve been PACKING!

We move in two and a half months. Here let me add a fun ticker so you can help us countdown too…

This way you can follow the journey with me!

The past few days James and I have been running around looking for furniture and appliances to see how the deals are shaking down for Boxing Day. It’s amazing what kind of deals we can find when we go to 10 different stores in a night. Found a table at Bad Boy, a fridge at Leons and a stove at Future Shop. I told James that we can find some really good deals – and even better if we get them all at one spot. Make them fight for our money!

I think we’ve decided that there is no shame in a little scratch and dent sale. What’s an awesome idea – someone else gets a fridge and it has a small little scratch – it’s on the back and you can get it for a few hundred dollars off. The score is ours! Tonight we even found a clearance section in a smallish furniture store that doesn’t carry any appliances and we found a bunch of tables at fabulous prices. Only problem is – black. We received some black chairs for Christmas and they are nice, but not completely our style. Well the tables at this clearance section were black. My husband has decided he doesn’t want black. BLACK! Who would’ve thought. When we first moved in together he wanted lots of black and had black things. Boys! Can never make up their minds!

And so the journey begins. To spend the money now or wait until we are in… hmmm… things to think about.

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