Time to Multiply

Apparently when I lived in Paris a few years back I signed up for Multiply. Then it was this scary new thing and with all the other things going on I just didn’t have time for it. I really like the way it looks now though. The colours are bright, it’s easy to change the way your profile looks. You can easily import your blogs or photos from other sites. It’s only been a few days but I think it looks pretty good.

The only thing that does worry me is that the reason I had to move here was due to a group I belonged to on MSN groups was being shut down. We’ve had that group as a way for all of us to keep track of what is going on with everyone. Now MSN has decided to close all those groups. They’ve suggested coming to multiply. So far only a handful of our “group” have moved over. We haven’t really used our “group” on here much. OH well – it still looks better and is easier to upload photos. I went and put a huge pile of them of our group over the years. I hope that it helps everyone who comes over feel like home!

1 thought on “Time to Multiply

  1. I betcha there will be many who will refuse because it’s too social like Facebook?

    I think it will be too difficult to use for those types. hahaha

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