Visions of Vistas

It’s been a really long time since I’ve had a vision. Yet tonight, driving home after watching the delicious Julie & Julia, I forgot where I was. The sun had just set and the light blue rim of sky hadn’t completely gone black yet. Clouds were on the horizon The way the light hit them, it looked just like mountains in the distance. For a few moments, I honestly thought I was there.

I haven’t been longing the mountains in a really long time. If you, my faithful few readers, weren’t aware – I lived in a mountain town in the Canadian Rockies for 9 months. The mountains alloted me the chance to find myself again and I truly treasured my time there and the friendships I made. Tonight, I wasn’t missing my friends from the mountains, as I know they are still around – but I was missing the mountains themselves.

When I finally figured it out that I wasn’t seeing mountains and that I was seeing clouds, my heart felt a loss. There is something so majestic and so powerful about being there. It makes you feel so small, but so alive. I felt that I could be anything I wanted to be. It was not only majestic, it was magical.

A gift to myself when I was turning 30 – getting a tattoo with two mountains a moon and a star. I now forever have them with me.

This past weekend I took a trip with some friends to a cottage in north-central Ontario. There was something truly calming about being near rock, trees and water. Man, I need to get out more.

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