Waiting some more…

I am starting to wonder if I just love the idea of any dog – or if I really love the dog we have put in for adoption.

James is very concerned that I’m getting attached to this picture and this story. We haven’t even met him yet and I’ve got all my hopes and doggie dreams in him. But then I go online and I see places like petfinder and even on kijiji and I keep seeing other dogs that are also awesome and adorable. My heart goes out to them all!

I know me and I know James and we will be a one dog family. Given a chance we’d have a cat too but unfortunately due to allergies that won’t happen. But I still love the idea of having a dog. We’ve agonized for months – okay I’ve agonized and any that I feel he might like I’ve shown him. It’s amazing how picky he’s been on the process – but he was the same way with houses. Didn’t want something with too much siding or was too old or had a bad decor. We’re lucky we found anything at all!

Anyhow – back to dogs – The organization we were in the process of adopting from had a dog needing emergency surgery this week. That might have put things behind with them and we most likely won’t hear anything for a little bit. They are asking for donations though as this came up unexpectedly and will cost $900. You’d think they’d be interested in getting adoptions going to help pay for the cost right? Well no. guess not. But they did get one pooch adopted out this week. It wasn’t to us, but he did get adopted so that leads me to think positively.

But then something negative happens – like their website account has been suspended, and I start to worry again. I know they are saying the problem is with their hosting package -but things like this should be taken care of. I keep worrying that they aren’t actually that good of a place. I mean – who else takes over two weeks to even let you meet the dog?

I know they’ve called our references and that they went well. The references told us they were really positive about things. That made me happy to hear and I kept thinking we’d hear something soon but thus far – only a standard form email we had to reply to that said that we’d stop looking into dogs with other agencies and focus only on this one – and that we’d be okay with waiting one to two weeks for the process to be over. Well is that one to two weeks from the email or from when we applied? Because if it’s from when we applied, that puts us to Tuesday and we haven’t met him yet or had an in-home visit to make sure that he’d fit in here.

James and I are instant gratification people. Well he is. I like to look things over and thanks to him I have to convince him it’s a good idea. I’ve been looking at dogs since the fall but knew that we couldn’t get one until we were in the house. James and I both wanted a dog once we were in but wanted to get settled. Now we are, and now we want a dog. And James liked this dog – just as much as me. Enough to actually help me fill out the application and to be the point man on the emails and calls during the day at work. He was ready for a dog. For this process to be taking this long it’s eating him up inside.

We hear stories all the time about people finding a dog they like and actually taking them home the same day. It seems so simple – but I know this is also why many people end up giving their dog up or letting them run away and get caught. We thought by going through a rescue they would help make sure that this dog is the right dog for us, and that we are the right owners for him.

Now I worry that we made a bad decision.

Hopefully it is true: Good things come to those who wait – cause lord knows I’ve been waiting.

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