What happened to ikea???

Went on a fun little shopping trip today with James to Ikea. We weren’t really going to buy anything and walked out only spending about $5.

I’ve always liked the clean designs with focus on creative storage solutions. Mostly all their stuff is made from MDF and you are limited with colours and such, but the ideas are good. With us buying a new house, we really wanted to get some ideas and see what we can do. We’re truly expanding with the new house. Here in our apartment we have a big living room, but our new basement rec room is bigger AND we have an extra living room upstairs that we need to decorate. Lucky for us we have two sofa’s already with one in storage. But there may be a bit of a problem as we discovered yesterday with our second viewing – the stairs to the basement go in a U shape and it’s possible that our couches will be a complete NIGHTMARE to get downstairs. (Sorry everyone that is going to help us!)

When looking at sofas, although breifly, I noted that Ikea has really gotten a gross idea as to what fabric will be popular on a sofa. The fabric choices – or at least the patterns, that are new this year really made me want to vomit. It’s not that often that I would make that kind of statement about anything, but it is really gross. So busy and so much going on. Really nothing that I’d ever want in my home and I can’t imagine it looking that good in anyone’s house.

Some I can see kind of working, such as the black and white unit pictured and the green tan and white one. But the one at the top of this post is just disgusting. Again – I ask – what has happened to Ikea? Where did their taste go?

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