Year of the baby has turned into The Year of Divorce?

What started out as a huge year for babies being born has turned into a year for a lot of people breaking up in my life.

I’ve been on this world for almost 32 years and I’ve never had so many people I know breaking up and getting divorces. People that I really care about are suddenly finding themselves single after years of being in a relationship.

Some might say that I’ve had my share of relationships before I met my husband, my longest being just over 3 years. Because of this experience, I know how hard it can be to suddenly find yourself out in the world. It’s a scary place to be and experiences can be really strange.

Lucky for me, I was never married and never lived with anyone that I ended up splitting from. I can’t even imagine having to figure out how to manage a household and children after so many years of having everything shared. It just seems like a huge change and I really feel for everyone I know that is/has split from their spouse.

Added to the stress of having their relationship end, they are now faced with having to answer the questions. How do you respond when someone asks where your spouse is? I really commend them for getting up and out and taking on the world. I know it’s hard, but every day will get easier. Every day they will get up and experience new things.

I think this is a rough time of year, no matter what. But I also think it’s a great time of year to have family and friends around that support and love you. You can reach out and ask for help if needed. I’m so glad that those I know who are finding themselve suddenly single are able to reach out. And I’m very glad, that they chose to reach out to me.

I have some wonderful friends and family around me that are fantastic and are completely able to offer love and support. I can honestly say that they have guided me when I needed it, and I’m glad that I’ve pulled from their strength to help others.

With that said and done, I can’t tell you how much this has made me love my husband more and made me so happy that I have him in my life. He came to me years after I had been broken down by an ending. I knew what I wanted, and he checked all of those things off my list and then some. I can honestly say we keep growing together. We have had endings by moving, and beginnings with new locations. There has been so much to build on and it’s been a really great experience that I wouldn’t trade for the world.

As they say – everything has a beginning and an ending. Every ending, means a new beginning. I really look forward to seeing how they move on from here. They can do anything they want with their lives. I am so happy to be able to be part of their next phase.

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