Favourite People

After a great night last night talking to some of my favourite people, I got to thinking of all of my favourite people. I started to wonder what it was that I liked about all of them and what it was that made them “favourites” of mine.

I realized what it was and it made perfect sense.

I really like genuine people.

I strive to be as honest and open with people. I tend to like everyone until they give me a reason not to – and many of my favourite people are like that. They are honest, and open with me and really tend to look me in the eye when talking to me. I find that incredibly important and if you can’t look me in the eye, it’s hard to find the trust and honesty in you.

I must say, that in the spirit of this season, it was really great to talk to some of those genuine type people. It wasn’t about gifts, it was about friendship and laughter. I had a great time and I was glad to have been given the opportunity. Now if I could just somehow see ALL of my favourite people this holiday season it would be wonderful.

Either way I send my love out to all of you, no matter where in the world you are, my favourite people.

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