Life as we know it

It’s amazing how life has changed now that we have a dog. He’s forcing us to be better. Take care of ourselves because we need to take care of him. He is a part of us, and we in turn are a part of him.

Sure he’s not perfect – he’s had a couple set backs – tried running away once or twice only to be caught shortly after, a few piddles on the floor at random moments. But he’s so sweet and loving and affectionate that it’s easy to forgive. There’s something about his face as he looks at you “Walk? Are we going for a walk??” or “Is it bedtime yet? I’m tigered!” He has such a personality and he’s been really great to have around. For those curious – the stinky farts are gone as he seems to have relaxed a lot more and is quickly getting used to the ebb and flow of the Hill-Harri(u)s house. He knows when it’s time to just chill and loves when it’s time to play. We’re very happy to have him around.

One thing that has happened is that I don’t see him as holding us back. If anything, he’s encouraging us to do things that we want to do. If we want to go see the family, we bring him along as all the kids seem to really love him and he certainly loves them. Thinking about our summer vacation initially meant that we were going to go away without him, now we are thinking of ways that he can come too. We’ve even booked a cottage with some friends that is dog-friendly so we don’t have to leave him alone.

Sure we cant get away with having him with us everywhere we go, but as he’s befriended his cousin Chewy, he’s going to try a sleepover in two weeks when we’ll be away at a wedding. I’m a little nervous, but at the same time I’m certain he’ll do well. He’s very well behaved in the house and will probably love all the kid friendly attention he’ll receive.

Due to a death in the family, our weeklong vacation to Ottawa is being changed as well. So now we are thinking of maybe a night there after the memorial service, and then day trips where we can bring our pooch with us. A few years ago I picked up the Daytripper Book for Southwestern Ontario and it has all sorts of great gems in and around our area. I think it will be great for us to get out and see our province from a fresh perspective, rather than just driving by on route to somewhere else.

In the next few weeks I hope to amass a list of great vacation ideas for right here in our beautiful province and share them with all my loyal readers. (All four of you – thanks!!!) Maybe I can inspire you to check out the sights and sounds of nearby places that you just may not have even known existed!

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