So excited!

I’m so freaking excited for tonight I can’t even begin to tell you.

Every year, except one, my husband and I have held a Halloween party. Every year I try and outdo myself and this year is no exception. I’ve heard good things from all my parties thus far and I don’t want to disappoint anyone this year. The only thing that might is that there will not be a bloody hand in the punch. It just didn’t happen that we got the gloves to freeze it early enough. OH well. Life will go on and we will party hard!

My costume came to me after going to a few different locations to look at wigs. Initially I dreamed of being a super hero. I had some fantastic silver material that I was going to fashion into a cape but when I went out looking for the consumate super hero skirt – I found this awesome dress instead. I opted to turn myself into a doll once and have dreams of pasty faces and red lips. It’s going to be cute but comfy too and I hope it goes over well.

Every year I tend to make my costume out of stuff that I have lying around. Thus the goth dominatrix club kid that I was one year. Yeah – the stupidest costume that didn’t make sense to anyone, but I bought myself a whip so that was fun. Sadly though, the whip disappeared before the end of the night… I have to wonder which of my kinky friends took it home! LOL!

The past two years I had a hint of sex appeal as my husband asked me to show a little bit more skin. All my girlfriends have been able to get away with sexy concoctions but with me being a little bigger than the average bear, I haven’t been able to pull it off. The first sexy costume I went with is the one that many men have enjoyed the vision of – Betty Rubble. My mother-in-law and I worked together to sew a lovely blue smock, I flipped out my bob and put a big blue bow on top. Voila! Betty Rubble. It was so simple. All I needed to buy was the fabric and some false eyelashes. I felt really sexy, and very exposed. Helped that we had the party at our place or I would’ve froze getting there!

Last year we moved so our friends hosted the party at their place. I went slightly sexy but also gruesome as a pirate. I had picked up some orange and black knee high socks from Salem, Mass on my honeymoon. I paired them with black boots, a black skirt, and a satiny top. The good thing was that I felt sexy, but didn’t have too much skin showing.

This year I wanted cute. I’m going to feel comfortable moving around and everything and it seems like such a simple concept. Thank goodness they had this very special dress at VV Boutique. You know, Value Village! The place where many a Halloween costume has been born.

I had the pleasure of going several times this season to help others find something awesome, including my niece Tori and nephew Zak. Zak decided after much deliberation that he wanted to be a pirate. Victoria was going to be a clown princess. It was going to be awesome too as she got a bright pink wig to match her pink dress. Unfortunately when yesterday rolled around, she decided not to be a clown princess anymore! She wanted to be a frog. Luckily they had a frog costume or she’d be in trouble! Due to some circumstances beyond my sister’s control, she was unable to make it home to see the kids off and hand out candy. I decided to go and help her out and took some awesome pictures before they hit the road.

We had a visit last night from a beautiful butterfly too. Mackenzie stopped by to show me her costume with her parents Kristina and Curtis. We went together trick or treating to a few different houses in which the people were more than happy to give Mackenzie handfuls of candy. She went to four houses and ended up with 17 pieces of good candy including full chocolate bars! I cannot imagine how much loot the kids that did the whole neighbourhood got! the joys of living out in the country means that you get full chocolate bars and full bags of chips. Completely spoiled out here in the country!

That was just a good start to tonight. We have included extra events including a pumpkin carving competition and a special trivia competition. It will be very interesting to see how everyone makes out – especially in the costume competition. The costumes are always awesome and it’s so good to see everyone’s creativity. Tonight will be no exception I’m sure as people have been talking about their costumes and ideas for two months now. I’m sure that this will all lead to a dance off. I can’t wait to see how everything pans out!

Anyhow, must get back to the massive cleaning that needs to be done before such parties! Have a good night y’all!

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