52 Weeks, 52 Ancestors or 12 Months, 12 Ancestors?

As I’m fairly new to the Genealogy blogging, I’ve recently been devouring other blogger websites. I found Olive Tree Genealogy through a suggestion on twitter, and one of their most recent posts was about a Family history blogging challenge being promoted by the folks at No Story Too Small called the 52 Ancestors Challenge. If you’d prefer to follow the hashtag on twitter it is #52Ancestors.

The concept of this challenge is pretty simple for geneabloggers. Write about a different ancestor every week for 52 weeks. It can be a photograph, a memory, a life story, a DNA profile. Anything goes for this challenge but it is meant to keep you regularly coming up with new content and to keep you writing. And writing folks, is what blogging is all about.

Yes my tree is large with 2255 names and growing. And yes it would be easy to put something together for 52 people. My only issue is with time. How do I fit in time to research and write with all my other loves and passions? I think I need to break it down for my own sanity.

I’m going to challenge myself to write about one ancestor a month for 12 months and not feel guilty for not completing a blog every week. In the off weeks, I’ll work to write about some other interests of mine, travel and photography with a few other random musings thrown in.

To keep better track – here is my list for 2014 and the names of the ancestors I have covered. I will regularly keep this list updated as the posts are made and will try to use #12months12ancestors when updating twitter.

  1. January – Elizabeth Marlene Hyde
  2. February – Margaret and William Porter
  3. March – Eliza Jane (Mitchell) Hyde
  4. April – Ada Elizabeth (Woolgar) Hill
  5. May –Deborah (Collins) Willson
  6. June – James Noah Lovejoy
  7. July – George Hill
  8. August – Lillian Lilly May (Young) Lovejoy
  9. September –
  10. October –
  11. November –
  12. December –

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